1. White wine basil risotto w roasted garlic, eggplant and yellow squash. #nomnom (at Schmabs)


  2. Brown rice w garlic roasted brussel sprouts and mango chicken sausage w sweet chili soy sauce. #nomnom #thingsinbowls (at Schmabs)


  3. Ranch orzo salad w yellow squash + avocado + breaded chicken + green onion + walnuts = heirloom tomatoes + kale + bacon #nomnom (at Schmabs)


  4. Cilantro, green onion and kale pesto pasta w grilled garlic sausage and yellow squash #nomnom (at Schmabs)


  5. Father’s Day feast for @pdaddyschaef. Basil and parsley risotto w pancetta, brussel sprouts and sea salt heirloom tomatoes. #nomnom (at Floral Park, Santa Ana, California)


  6. The taste of home. Guac for days. #nomnom


  7. Brown rice w roasted brussels, sweet potato, onion, garlic w pineapple chicken meatballs and sweet chili sauce #nomnom


  8. Mocha brownies w salted caramel #fromscratch #nomnom (at Carrot Creative)


  9. White wine and basil risotto with broccoli, sun dried tomatoes and mushrooms #nomnom


  10. Long weekend breakfast. Blueberries, sea salt + avocado toast, fried egg w crack sauce #nomnom